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Life around here has been full. There have been busy moments, relaxing moments, fun moments, challenging moments. But when I step back and think about it all–the good and the not so great–I am still so thankful for this life I’ve been given. And extremely thankful for the people in it. You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in almost 2 full months. Not only have we been busy with our new house but I’ve also been purposefully taking time away from the computer in general. So because of that, the blogging has been knocked way back on the priorities list–and with intention. There’s really no need to go into much  detail. It’s a personal decision I made to focus on different things in life and refocus on others. I haven’t tossed blogging away for good. I’ll just be posting much less as of now.

We have been enjoying this fall weather lately. Lydia decided she wanted to dress up and wear her necklace, headband and mommy’s “pwetty shoes”. Then she went out on the front porch and began reading to her blanket and bear. That sweet girl.

I hope you all are enjoying the crisp autumn in the air!

DSC_0750 copy DSC_0748 copy DSC_0754 copy DSC_0759 copy DSC_0736 copy

asking her new favorite question: “Why?”.

project home: guest bath tour //before + progress//

Man, oh man, are we ready for this renovation project to be over! We’ve just about completed everything on our list. Earlier this week, the hardwood floors throughout the entire house were sanded, stained, stained again, and then covered in poly. We are currently waiting for the poly to dry so that we can move in–finally! Our painter said the floors would be ready by Sunday so that’s our official move in date! Once we move in, we will have small projects here and there that we will need to complete but the beauty of that is that we won’t have to wait for someone else to do it! We will be able to take care of everything from this point on! The super big projects are finished! And it is a wonderful feeling to say that!

This post will show you a bit of the guest bathroom renovation that was done. A little of the BEFORE and IN PROGRESS shots are below–along with lots of trash from the demolition! We had to have the entire floor in that bathroom removed due to a small spot that was rotting. We replaced the tub, toilet, vanity, and tile. I’m pretty excited to see how it will all turn out once everything is in, clean, and completely functional!
guest bath renovation |

guest bath renovation | guest bath renovation | guest bath renovation |

guest bath renovation |

guest bath renovation |

Be sure to follow along our little journey on here or Instagram. We are using the hashtag “MLsecondhome” for this project and “MLKShouseflip” was used for the investment property.

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life lately


Life lately has been extremely busy! There has been so much going on, not only in our lives, but in the lives of my family, too! And it’s all good things—happy things. And I felt like it was time to update on that and recognize all the lovely, albeit busy moments taking place in our lives!

For starters, we are remodeling our new house that we should be moving into in about a week or so. That in itself has kept us crazy busy. And crazy excited. And crazy exhausted. And it’s all so crazy and worth it! My beautiful sister is pregnant with her first baby and we just found out last week it is a GIRL! Lydia is very excited about that seeing as it was what she wanted–a “goyrl”. Amanda and her husband have not revealed the name yet…but that hasn’t stopped my aunt, my mom and me from planning the tar out of her baby shower we are throwing for her in September! That will be a fun blog post to share! I’m very, very excited about all the details of it! They are also in the process of buying their first home so there is a lot of moving plans being made and visits to be had where we all help each other pack/unpack and get everyone settled.

We have been traveling a good bit this summer. Lydia and I have made quite a few trips back home to my mom’s house and down to my aunt and uncle’s house. We took our long family vacation for the summer a few weeks ago and it was really good for Mitch to get away with us and just relax for 5 days. Lydia really enjoyed her pool time down in Atlanta. Or maybe it was the hose that kept her so happy. Who knows. But she is growing like a weed, learning more every day, surprising us both with how much she picks up on and shares with us. Just today, while we were browsing for some appliances, Mitch called my phone and Lydia talked with him for about 5 minutes—like, she actually had a conversation with him and asked questions and answered them too.

summer fun \\lulabelleblog.comlife lately \\

We find ourselves in Lowes a LOT these days. Or wholesale centers. It’s crazy how much time can be spent in those stores. Before we realize it, it’s been almost 2 hours and we have 3 gigantic carts full of lumber, tile, grout, hardwood floors, more tile, screws, and the like. And can I just say how awesome my husband is at getting some amazing discounts and deals for this stuff! He learned from my uncle–always ask! I don’t think we’ve paid full price for much when it’s come to this remodel.

I’m so proud of Mitch. And he works so hard to balance everything that is going on these days and he does a pretty great job. We love up on him every chance we can and he takes in every moment. Even if that means piling on the couch and Netflix binging with Moe’s queso or riding up and down the driveway on the gator.

life lately \\lulabelleblog.comAll in all, this has been a quick summer. It’s flown by since we’ve had so much going on. We are really enjoying it all but are very much looking forward to the fall when we can sit back and relax in our new home and prepare for the holidays–which is our favorite time of year.



project home: master bedroom + bath tour //progress//

So it’s been just over a month since I’ve updated our house remodel project. And I’m pumping this one out late tonight. We have been SO beautifully swamped with work on this house. I am not complaining in the slightest because having tons of work to do and decisions to be made means that things are moving—and fast! We had to put the entire project on hold for almost an extra month because of the loan process. We finally closed a few weeks ago and have been hitting the ground running ever since. Our contractor has told us he is confident he can be finished with everything by next week which would put our move-in date next weekend. Here’s to hoping that’s true and it all goes down soon! We are packed and ready to go, that’s for sure!

So here’s a little before and progress update on the master bedroom and bath:


So far we have:

  • -knocked out walls to create a larger bathroom
  • -built up studs for the new walls
  • -run electric
  • -run plumbing
  • -installed recessed lighting
  • -purchased double vanity
  • -purchased shower hardware
  • -purchased tile

We got rid of that mini hallway (on the left of the photo up there) that connected our room to the main hallway. It was sort of a complete waste of space and now it is going to be part of the stand up shower in our bathroom. Here is the beginnings of the new shower!

DSC_0338 copy

Before all the work got started on this bathroom, it only had a toilet and single vanity. No shower. Here is a comparison shot of the space now that it’s opened up:


To give you a better idea, the toilet is going to be in the same spot as it is in the BEFORE picture (above, on the left). In the IN PROGRESS photo (above, on the right) the toilet will be in the space in the bottom right hand corner. The space in the above IN PROGRESS photo where you see that white pipe is where the double vanity is going to be. We enclosed the air-intake that was exposed in the “BEFORE” shot at the beginning of this post which is where the master closet used to be. Above it will be a lot of shelving for extra storage and you won’t have to see that thing anymore!  The photo below this shows where the space for the new double vanity came from…

dining room-before+inprogress_remodel

We enclosed that little nook that was in the dining room area and used it to add more space to our master bath as well. The dining area is so large that taking away this small amount of (sort of useless) space didn’t make the room seem smaller at all. Yay! I’m envisioning a lovely gallery wall there…


And here is the start of our master closet. It’s going to be a bit on the smaller side, but again, this isn’t our forever home and it beats what was there before! I’m going to be perusing through Ikea to get the best storage ideas for small spaces. Here is what is on the other side of this wall in the dining room:


And here’s an updated list of projects completed since the last post on this room which you can read here.

Master Bedroom Projects:
install hardwood floors
replace window and rotted wall
install recessed lighting
install ceiling fan hookup (no longer adding a fan–not enough ceiling space with wooden beam)
scrape popcorn off beam
stain beam
gut the entire bathroom
expand bathroom, knock out walls
install double vanity
install new toilet
install shower and bathtub
build in closet
install ceramic tile
The bathroom is obviously much larger than the original. It’s not our dream-size bathroom but that’s not the point of this home. Plus, this size bathroom for this particular house in this particular area is going to be a major selling point. Not very many older homes in this area have 2 full baths. Mitch and I are just excited for a double vanity. Our first home had a pedestal sink in the master so we are going to be spoiled.
We are pretty darn excited about this whole house and all the projects being completed and nearing an end…ultimately meaning we finally get to move in and I get to design the interior decor of our new home!

Be sure to follow along our little journey on here or Instagram. We are using the hashtag “MLsecondhome” for this project and “MLKShouseflip” was used for the investment property.

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Friday Fonts

I’ve been designing a few personal things lately (some of which I may end up sharing here!) and have been smothering myself in the font world again. I figured it was time to post a little roundup of some of my favorite FREE fonts and graphics I’ve been using here and there! I’ve shared two other posts in the past that you can find here and here. You can also follow my “Fonts” board on Pinterest for more fun links!


Signerica Medium

Halo Handletter



Soft Script

Mighty To Save

The wreaths I used can be found here and here…a really awesome blog with lots of free, hand-drawn graphics!

Happy Friday, everyone!