WEEKENDER | AROUND CHARLESTON: King's Street 2nd Sunday & Isle of Palms

Happy Monday, you guys! Hope you had a great weekend! We really enjoyed ours! Mitch's younger brother, Dylan, came into town for his (last!) spring break. (He will be graduating high school in December!) We always have a good time when he visits. Plus, he and Lydia are almost inseparable--it's the cutest. They do things like play video games together first thing in the morning. And he brushes her hair after her bath. Uncle things, you know?

After we all got dressed and ready, we headed downtown to enjoy the 2nd Sunday on King Street. On the second Sunday of every month, King Street comes alive and the streets are closed off to all cars making it a pedestrian fair with outdoor dining, live music scattered about and special deals offered by merchants. King Street is known as one of the best places to shop in America. The stores are exquisite--one of our favorites is Urban Outfitters. The inside bones of that place are spectacular. Speaking of Urban Outfitters, I snatched up these cute sunglasses there and my bro-in-law kindly modeled them for you:
It was a lot of fun just walking through the street, listening to the live music, grabbing some yummy lunch, and shopping for a bit. We also stopped and watched some amazing break dancers put on a show. They were legit. Afterwards, we headed out to the beach and enjoyed the rest of our evening there before heading back home to make this delicious panini and crash after a busy day!

AROUND CHARLESTON: Charleston Crab House

This was our view last night at dinner. We visited one of our favorites-- Charleston Crab House in James Island. It was absolutely delicious. We always get the bacon wrapped shrimp for our "crab-a-tizer". Yummo. There are so many items to choose from on the menu. And the outdoor dining overlooking the inner coastal waterway is spectacular. It's nice to be able to wind down from the week at a place like this. We even saw some dolphins and that just makes you feel giddy inside.

If you're ever in the area, I'd recommend trying this place out! Your kids will love it--especially if you sit outside. We couldn't sit outside because the bugs were all up on Mitch and driving him crazy. But there was a massive window in the area we sat in so we still had a great view. And Lydia still loved it. Clearly.

PROJECT HOME: Front Door Paint Color

As promised in yesterday's WEEKENDER post, I am sharing with you the paint color I chose for our front door of the new house we're buying! The second that Mitch told me it was time to pick paint colors, I didn't hesitate or freak out one bit. I knew exactly what I wanted--all thanks to Pinterest and the amount of time I dedicated to finding what I wanted while we waited on finding the right house.

*sidenote: the front door leads straight into what will be the formal dining room. it's pretty massive. there's more space behind me and to the left of me from where I stood to take this picture!

I have a slight obsession with Benjamin Moore paints. They are just so glorious. So the choice was simple to make! For the front door, I chose Benjamin Moore - Stratton Blue. I LOVE it. Seriously. Love it. And Mitch does too! You know it's a good color when a man says he likes it. Especially since there are about 334,203 different shades of blue and men tend to think they all look the same! *wink wink*

The wall color is Benjamin Moore - Revere Pewter. I had read a lot about this color and was confident it would be the perfect gray for all the walls in the house. And everything I read is true! It's perfect! The lighting in this picture is natural, late-afternoon light so it looks a little more beige than normal. But this color really is the perfect gray with no blue tint to it. Mitch and I love a good gray but we always tend to pick one that looks more blue than gray. I was very, very pleased with the way the color turned out. My plan is to have the walls neutral so I can add color and design through the furniture, wall art, and accessories. 

I am super excited to get the big projects going on this new house! We've flipped three houses so far this year but this one is OURS to live in! If you're interested in a bit of a backstory as to how we chose this house, read this post from yesterday

Soon-to-be-finished projects:
New roof \\ we've got a crew coming out this Saturday to put on the new roof! we are excited to see the dark shingles contrast with the brick exterior and white trim.

hardwoods installed throughout \\ we just met with a second contractor on Sunday to get a quote on having the hardwoods put in. we will run the numbers and choose the best one hopefully sometime this week and get the process started by next week. the dining room (shown in the picture above), hallway, and one bedroom have unfinished hardwoods already. we will be having them sanded and stained to match the color we end up choosing for the rest of the house!

I will be posting as much as I can about the process of the rehab/remodel of our new home and I can't wait to share it with you! Be sure to follow along with my planning ideas over on my Pinterest account!


WEEKENDER: relax a bit, work a bit

This weekend, my dearest mother made a last-minute trip to see us! I'm always excited to see her and our doors are always open to her. And Lydia definitely agrees. It's all she talks about until the moment her Mimi walks in the door! 

A quick backstory-update: Mitch and I recently found a house that we want to live in for the next two years. We've been renting for the past two years since we moved here to Charleston--mainly because we weren't ready to buy our second home yet but also because we couldn't beat the great deal we got on the rent in our current house. All that to say, we came across an amazing deal for an older home that needs some rehab and remodel. Ever since Thanksgiving, we've been talking about building brand new. We even found a builder and layout of a home that we really loved. And then we found out they won't even start clearing land until this summer or possibly later. And Mitch, Lydia, and I are so done with the 1100 square footer we are in now and can't wait that long to begin building, let alone get the house finished and turn-key ready.

After discussing the numbers and quickly realizing how much fun this rehab/remodel will be and how much we can customize it, we decided to buy it! So we are in the process of waiting for the closing date. And due to the unique situation, we have already been able to start working in the house! I will share a photo or two tomorrow, so check back!

BUT all that to say, my mom came to take Lydia off our hands while we took care of a few small things over at the house. We needed to meet a flooring contractor to get a quote on the hardwoods. And we also set out to get the cabinet hardware up in the kitchen. 
via my Instagram this weekend
We ran into a little bit of a snag since the hardware I picked out is too big for the hardware stencil. So we ordered a larger one and now we will wait until it comes in the mail this week. Then those suckers will be up on the cabinets once and for all! 

Our weekend was also spent relaxing. Because you can't have a grandparent visit without having some alone time! And we live in Charleston, for goodness sakes. There are plenty of things to do, see, and eat! And that's exactly what Mitch and I did! We ran all over town and enjoyed all the things we don't get to very often. It is amazing how luxurious it can be to pull up somewhere, hop out of the car real quick, run into a store or grab something to eat, and then leave and go on to the next place. parent problems. We enjoyed eating at Johnny's-- one of our favorite hot dog stands in Mount Pleasant. 
We went downtown and walked around. We ran by this amazing store that sells reclaimed wood--we are on the hunt for a dark wood mantel to contrast our newly painted white fireplace (aahhhh!!!). And for the love of all things gorgeous, Reclaimed DesignWorks is jaw-dropping.  It's located on 132 East Bay Street. And we fell in love. We picked out a few pieces we were drawn to. And then the kind lady let us know they would be getting a new shipment in soon so we will go back then. And if we hadn't already picked our hardwoods out, oh man! But we will go back there for our next house. If you're in the market for some unique wood pieces, you've gotta check them out! They have showrooms in Austin and Denver as well. And they do offer nationwide service. BAM.

We walked around Old Village, the place where part of The Notebook was filmed. (Here's a post on a previous visit we took) and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

And when we got home, I had the pleasure of putting flowers that Mitch had brought home for me in vases throughout the house. It's kinda therapeutic for me.

How was your weekend? I've been thinking about offering a link-up every Monday for my WEEKENDER series. It could be a place to link up posts recapping your lovely weekends! If you're interested, let me know!

Happy Monday! Cheers to a great week!


I don't think it's much of a secret that I absolutely love dressing up little miss Lydi-belle. And it's definitely not a secret that homegirl has a gorgeous, full head of hair (since day 1)! So a few weeks ago, when yet another cold front came through and we were forced to bundle up in order to go outside and play, I snapped a few shots of Lydia running around rockin' her top knot bun. 

I can't tell you how many women AND men complimented her on her entire outfit, hair and all. One man referred to her hair-do as "the water fountain" and told us that he had some experience doing that for his daughters. I couldn't help but smile. We passed what seemed like hundreds of teenage girls who would stop and talk with Lydi and tell her how adorable she was. And we even made a quick trip to Lowes that day and Lydia did that thing where she walks all over the aisle and doesn't pay any attention to those around her...and almost ran right into a middle-aged man. As I grabbed her and said, "Excuse us!" he said, "Too cute! No worries!" 

That top knot must be a game changer. That and the faux fur vest. I still love that thing on her. I wonder if I can work it into her spring outfits...


Here's a quick step-by-step of how I did it:

1\\ Put her hair in a high ponytail using a clear elastic; as high as you can get it.

2\\ Take a small section of hair from the top of the ponytail and fold it over forwards making a loop, secure with a bobby pin. Do that all the way around until you've got all the hair secured and it makes a cute "knot".

3\\ This one is extra and I didn't have to do this since Lydia has such thick hair. But if your child has thinner hair, be sure to tease the small sections underneath using a small comb (and hairspray if you need to) so it will add some extra volume to the bun.

Have fun with it and enjoy dressing up your little girl! These moments really have become some of my most favorite memories with Lydia lately.

WEEKENDER: celebrations

 This weekend was chock-full of fun, that's for sure. It was my best friend's birthday on the 19th and I drove the painfully-hard-to-accept, yet totally-worth-it 3 hour drive to visit her and her husband. There was like 5% of the trip that was made to help her pack up as much of her house as we could in preparation for their move across town...and then 234,505,022% of the trip was just to see her and spend some quality bestie time. You know, the kind where you stock up on Teddy Grahams and vanilla icing, chips and queso, ice-cold Coca-Cola, and binge on Pretty Little Liars, laughing till you sorta start crying, and catching up on life. Yes, please. It was all perfection; much-needed and very much enjoyed!

On Friday, they headed back to Charleston with Lydia and me (my poor hubby waited patiently for his girls to arrive home again!) and that evening we treated them to Bekah's birthday present:
 We saw Brian Regan in the flesh! Ah, the good laughs that Mr. Regan provides are some of my favorites! So many good memories made. It was pretty hilarious and absolutely FANTASTIC to get out, just the four of us, and enjoy dinner and live comedy by one of our favorite comedians.

The rest of the weekend was spent with our two best friends hanging out, paying Xbox 360 games, eating good food, and soaking in the relaxed moments of lounging around where you don't have to say anything yet you are enjoying everything.

And then on Sunday morning, Lydia made Mitch and me a gourmet breakfast in bed. I am feeling pretty re-charged and ready to face this week!
You can find all these images on my Instagram account--be sure to follow along with me!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are kicking this Monday off to the best start possible!

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