refurbished furniture: grey + white china cabinet //before+after

Mitch and I have found a new hobby we both enjoy–finding old furniture (that sometimes might be in terrible shape) and bringing it new life. When we shop for pieces, we look for super good deals and steals. We put our creative minds together and give the piece a brand new look. And now we’ve […]

My tiny dancer

This sweet girl took her first dance class last week! Today was her second class. And can I just say that she absolutely nailed this whole dance thing perfectly?! I am so proud of her. She listens so well to her teacher and she mimics the movements quite well. This is just another one of those […]

52 Week Hand-lettering Project + our 2015 word

A few days ago, I came across this 52 week hand-lettering project. It really caught my attention because for quite some time now I’ve been wanting to get more familiar with the art of hand-lettering. I think it’s so neat. So inspiring. I have a good bit of hand-lettered art prints around my house that […]

weekly update \\ happy thanksgiving!

I can hardly believe it’s the week of Thanksgiving! And by the end of the week, that chalkboard up there will be decked out in Christmas spirit! Because yes, I’m one of those who is pretty strict about waiting until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas. But I digress. I’m sure most of you are […]

a rustic, woodland theme baby shower

Back in September, my aunt, mom and I threw my darling and glowing pregnant sister a woodland theme baby shower. It was one of the most fun things I’ve done recently. We had a blast planning it–whether on a Skype date, via email, or in person during a visit we were so fortunate to have […]

6 simple Christmas diy projects

During my down-time these last few weeks, I’ve been perusing Pinterest for all things Christmas. I’m definitely not one of those people who starts decorating for Christmas super early but I am one of those people who likes to start to plan for it. There are so many fun projects that have caught my eye–some simpler than […]