goodwill hunting

I love browsing through Goodwill. Or any thrift store for that matter. And I think I am going to make it a weekly…or at least a biweekly trip.

Last night Mitch and I made a quick trip. I didn’t really have much in mind that I wanted. 

Except I am looking for the perfect chest of drawers for our guest room. But I have yet to find what I am looking for. But that’s okay. 

Because I found this.

goodwill bench

And I think it’s exquisite.

The texture of the wood is delicious.

goodwill bench2

And do you know where it is originally from?


Pier 1!

I NEVER buy anything there unless it is majorly on sale.

I just go there to get my inspiration and then find what I like for a much better deal somewhere else. Or I make it…if I can.

I bought this bench for $10.

goodwill bench2

Now, I love this bench. Stool. Whatever it’s called.

But I don’t know where to put it!

I had it sitting under the bay window in the living room playing host to a bouquet of green hydrangeas.

And then I thought it might work well in the guest bathroom as a place for a towel…or a candle…or an overnight bag…

But I definitely like it being on display in the living room.

And then Mitch said it could double as extra seating if we ever needed it. Does that mean I need to go and sew a cushion for the bench/stool? Does a guest really want to sit on a wooden bench/stool? 

Needless to say, this has turned into more of a project for me. I will hopefully decide on a home for this bench very soon. And I will fill you in on all the details when I do. 

wine rack

While I was perusing through Goodwill, I also came across this wine rack.
We have been wanting one of these for a while. I just never want to fork out the money to buy one. 

But this one cost $2 so I snatched it up.

wine rack 2

I hope you can tell…but it does have a decent weathered look. I like it.
But I may spray paint it.

I love Oil Rubbed Bronze by Rustolum…which can be found at Lowes.

Either way, it is very useful in the kitchen. And it serves as nice d├ęcor. Plus, there are so many other craft ideas I have started imagining that would stem from this wine rack…

Let me tell you. I was pretty thrilled with my two frugal finds. And as we were leaving the store, Mitch nailed his eyes on this:

mrs d

He insisted we buy it.
I couldn’t really say no since it was only $0.99.

And it was so cheap because…

mrs d2

It’s a VHS! 

I laughed.

I didn’t think these things existed anymore.

But he was happy.

So I was happy.

And we bought all 3 items for $14.00.

And we went home and lived happily ever after together.

Hey, you wanna come over and watch Mrs. Doubtfire? You can sit on the lovely bench :-)

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  1. Ddon't you just love THRIFT STORES!?!?? I love them! You had really great finds! and whocares if you don't have where to but that bench, inspiration comes in due time and then you will be happy you bought it! i have so many JUNK, ahem i mean treasures in a closet that someday there will be a spot for it ;)

    thanks for stopping by


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