Scrapbook Paper Frame: Tutorial

My most recent project for our Lydi-girl was simple this week…a picture frame for her nursery that will soon (in 3 months, say what?!) play host to a picture of our sweet little girl as a newborn.

I wanted to make a lot of the stuff that will be in her room so this was a great chance for me to do that.

So here is the before:

wooden frame

And here is the final product:

final 1

The only supplies I used for this frame were scrapbook paper, mod podge, scissors, rubber cement, and a hot glue gun. I purchased the frame from Michaels for $1.00. It is just a wooden frame so the world of creativeness is at your fingertips with this one!


For the flower I simply cut out petals, folded them right down the middle for a more ‘petal-like’ effect, and then glued them right at the center. To cover the lump of hot glue that I acquired, I cut out two circles and glued them in the middle of the flower.

In the process I also made a flower with pointy petals to see if I liked it more but I chose the rounded flower in the end. Here is the pointy petal flower just so you can see it:

pointy flower

Again, same concept: cut, fold, glue.

Next, I glued the large pieces of paisley scrapbook paper that you see on the edges of the frame with rubber cement.

DIY Stationary 005

Rubber cement is key because it glues really well, dries slower than a hot glue gun…which gives you some time to make sure everything is in place how you want it, PLUS, and most importantly, it doesn’t wrinkle the paper!


Once the paisley design was glued down, I painted a layer of mod podge over it to give it a finished look. I love mod podge!

After that I added the stripes.


For the stripes I used yellow and pink cardstock scrapbook paper that I cut out with my paper cutter.

yellow stripes

Since this is cardstock and is much thicker paper, I used my glue gun to secure the stripes.

Next, I noticed that I didn’t like the bare corners that were left after making the stripes.

stripes with arrows

So I asked my handy dandy husband to get his creative juices flowing. He told me to add smaller flowers. So I took his advice of which I greatly appreciate, respect and value and I’m sure Lydia will as well.

And came up with 3 of these little guys:

small flower

Which I then glued on the 3 corners.

close up small new color


final new color

And voila!

You can even see my hubby on the left side of the picture who was walking away after helping me :-)

I’m really excited to put this in Lyd’s room. The oranges and pastel yellows will look fun against the color of her walls.


I wonder what I will work on next?

We will see! For now I’m going to enjoy this 3 day weekend with my husband and family!

Happy fourth of July!

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