April Birchbox!

What’s in my




I was so excited to receive my April Birchbox!

As always, I skip, hop, and jump when I see this little box arrive.

box unpacked

I was pretty pleased with it! Not the all-time best but not the worst either.

So I will start with the products on the left and go right.


box unpacked

These Befine products look awesome. They are made with nutritious super-foods (i.e. avocados, pomegranates, almonds) and are allergen, fragrance and preservative free. I haven’t tried them yet but I plan on it tonight.

I received 3 packets of the Exfoliating Cleanser.befine exfoliating cleanser

and the Daily Moisturizer.be fine moisturizer


hair powder

The hair powder is interesting. It is from LULU Organics and has a lavender/clary sage scent.

I’m not sure if I will ever use this because if my hair really needs washing that bad, I would rather go ahead and wash it and not try to cover it up. However, there have been days in the past where washing my hair in a time crunch was not possible and I would stick to my mom’s ‘ol trick she taught me when I was younger: baby powder.

Either way, should you find yourself in a time crunch and can’t wash the greasy look out of your roots, grab this (or regular baby powder!) and tap a dime-size amount in your palms, rub your hands together, then work through the roots of your hair.


nail polish in bottle  nail polish on nail

I am digging this ZOYA nail polish in Bevin. I am also only showing you my pinky finger as to spare you from the horrendous sight of a pair of hands in great need of a mani.

It’s a greenish-blueish, mint-looking color. And I think it will match nicely with any spring outfit.

It goes on really smoothly and has a nice shine even before painting a top coat.


 YES towelettes

I just used one of these after my workout this afternoon. I really liked it. It wasn’t harsh on my face or gross smelling. And even though I hadn’t put on any makeup yet today, there was still a slight hint of makeup on the towel that I must have missed with my cleanser. *no judgement, please!* Uh oh…this must mean I need a new cleanser! Any suggestions?


taylor swift perfume

So I can be pretty picky when it comes to perfumes. I have only ever used 2 in my life so far:

1. Ralph Lauren HOT (discontinued…very sad)

2. Kim Kardashian Gold *again, no judgment! Until now, only my family has known that I wear her perfume. And I wear it because I like the smell and, most importantly, so does my husband. That’s it. I wear it for the scent not the celebrity. So moving on…*

I actually don’t mind the scent of Taylor Swift’s perfume! I could see myself possibly wearing it on occasion.

birchbox box unpacked

All right, so that’s my April Birchbox! Are you a Birchbox subscriber? What did you get this month?

Not sure what the heck Birchbox is?

It’s a lovely thing. You pay $10 a month and receive a box with samples of high-end beauty and lifestyle products. You can select categories that you are interested in receiving. It comes right to your door. And it makes your little heart skip a few beats because you never know what you’re going to get from month to month. It’s a surprise package on your front doorstep! Love.

Still want to know more? Go HERE!

And I just received a notice that May’s Birchbox will be a Gossip Girl-themed box…wonder what it will have in it!

Oh, and don’t forget to let me know what you got in your Birchbox! And recommendations for your favorite face wash/cleanser would be fantastic!



  1. I have been subscribing to Cravebox but this little goodie box looks AWESOME.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just wanna see pictures of Lydia in my ‘birch box’! Grant me that occasionally since I am no facebooker. Pretty please? Love you tonages….

  3. Everyone always seems to have such fun waiting for/receiving their Birchbox! I keep meaning to try it myself. I had to giggle at your KK confession … I try to never buy her products either, but hey. Sometimes little sacrifices need to be made. 😀

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