My favorite at-home-workout {re-discovered!}

…and no, it’s not the 30 Day Shred! Keep reading to find out more…

*Disclaimer: this post is going to contain some of my personal opinions on what I think is a good workout. I, in no way, claim to be any sort of fitness expert. I am only sharing my experiences and preferences when it comes to my choice of workouts.

About two years ago, I purchased Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD, as did millions of others, I’m sure!

It was all the rage for a while and I wanted to check it out. Nothing sounds better to a person who lives a busy lifestyle than a 20 minute workout. Okay, okay, so maybe for me it was more of a “I’m too lazy to workout like normal so let’s cram it all in really quickly” kind of mindset.

Let me tell you, honestly, in the past 2 years, I have used the thing maybe…maybe 15 times. Not joking. I have yet to finish her 30 day system. And just to get straight to the point: I don’t like it. At all.

Here is why:

Again, these are all personal reasons. I’m not trying to stop anyone from using this workout if they like it.

1. there is not much of a warm up. Therefore, I was noticing muscles cramps throughout my workout but also just throughout my day. Ouch.

2. it’s too intense for my back injury I suffered about 3 years ago. Holy cow. My back would kill me after almost each workout. But I wanted to keep going…and like I said earlier, I only made it to 15 days. 

3. it was killing my shins. Way, way too much impact on my shins all at once. And without much warm up. Again, ouch.

4. I personally enjoy a longer workout…preferable 45 minutes to an hour.

5. The 30 Day Shred is only 20 minutes long. For some reason, that defeats me mentally from the start. Having a long workout where I sweat like crazy makes the mental game of working out and getting in shape much easier for me. I feel like I have something to show for all my hard work. Plus, I don’t like feeling rushed through a work out.

I love to sweat. Sweating means I’m drinking lots of water, which is necessary. Sweating means my heart rate is up! And sweating makes me feel more accomplished!

Something never felt quite right when I was trying to squeeze a good workout into 20 minutes…

6. there isn’t a very long cool down period for stretching those muscles post-workout. Once you finish the last abs circuit, you stretch for about a minute or so and you’re outta there. Again, this may sound appealing to some, but I like and need a good stretch when I’m finished working out or I experience major muscle discomfort.

7. I know from past workout routines that it is possible to lose weight and inches without enduring a 20 minute beating. Yeah. See the rest of this post for my favorite workout :-)

8. overall, I just don’t like the workout. Therefore, I don’t work my hardest. I really don’t enjoy the 30 Day Shred. And I know that no one really ever enjoys their workouts like they may enjoy this:


*photo taken from

but I have actually found a workout in the past that I really do like.

Enter: The FIRM.

The FIRM Body Sculpting System, to be exact.

THE FIRM - Body Sculpting System (3 Pack)

Circa 1998. I think. Ha!

Complete with 3 discs (or when I got it many years ago, 3 VHS tapes. Yikes!): cardio sculpt, body sculpt, and ab sculpt. AND the Fanny Lifter. Yes, that’s right. It’s called the Fanny Lifter.

<img src=/firm/file/Transfirmer2012_mark.gif?id=3028 width=55% align=bottom><font color=black size=3>®</font>

At least it was called that almost 10 years ago when I first got the system. Now The FIRM is re-selling this platform tool and it’s new name is the TransFIRMer. It is a 3-in-1 system. The purple segment is 6” and the blue segment is 8”. When stacked on top of each other, you get a 14” step.

The Firm: Body Sculpting System kit

Together and separate, I have seen great results.

And it’s probably my favorite workout tool in the entire world. And it is legit. It will lift your fanny like you’ve probably never seen before. And it will make you smile.

Recently, I decided I wanted to pick back up with this workout routine since I wasn’t digging any others I had tried. I purchased the DVDs for this sculpting system because I didn’t want a big honkin’ VCR sitting out in my living room since I have the original workouts on VHS. I was so glad to see that they still sell them on places like Amazon.

I popped that sucker in, grabbed my weights, brought out the ‘ol fanny lifter, and was happy to see that I remembered the entire workout. I didn’t even have to look at the TV once. That’s how much I used to love this thing…I memorized it. It may seem a little fast at first but once you do it a few times (or a million, cause I’m pretty sure you will love it!) you could do it with your eyes shut! I do! Except I don’t really shut my eyes because that could be potentially harmful but I don’t watch the TV. I just focus on my workout! Yay!

I felt so at home when I rediscovered my love for this workout routine.

My favorite disk is the cardio sculpt which is a 55 minute workout.

The Firm: Body Sculpting System - Cardio Sculpt

The instructor suggests using 3, 5, or 8 lb dumbbells. I think this is great for beginners as well as for those who are more advanced because there are 5 instructors all working out at different levels.

They do have a beginner to follow, as well. And you can choose your weights…or use none at all for the first few times. You get a great warm up, fun cardio, excellent strength training, and a nice set of abs.

Favorite. Workout. Ever.

The other 2 DVDs that come with the set are:

 The Firm: Body Sculpting System - Ab SculptThe Firm: Body Sculpting System - Body Sculpt

The body sculpt is pretty tough! But that’s a good thing!

Along with the purchase many years ago, came a calendar and food guide. And I have no idea where those are. But that’s okay. I think I can manage.

So I wanted to share my favorite workout DVDs with those of you who may be looking for a new workout routine, or at the least, something a little different to switch things up and keep your muscles guessing and not getting comfortable with the same routine.

TheFirm has a TON of other workout DVDs and systems to choose from. Personally, this one is my absolute favorite and after almost 10 years I still came back to it. The newer ones they have come out with seem very, very fast paced.

What can I say, I just like kickin’ it old school!

If you would like to purchase one of these bad boys, you should be able to find this set on

Body Sculpting System (3 DVDs)

You could even purchase the VHS tapes here for super cheap!

You may have to purchase the Fanny Lifter –or the TransFIRMer- separately…haven’t found the entire set for sale yet. Maybe Ebay?

But here it is for sale on their website…a bit pricey. I’m sure you could find a better deal if you searched!

Okay so, have any of you ever tried this? Or any other FIRM product? Were you a FIRM believer back in the early 2000’s? Did you have the VHS too???! Did you lift your fanny like no one’s business??


Oh, and the lovely ladies at The FIRM have no idea who I am. I just gave this little “review” at my own will.


  1. Great Info, Im going to check these out. Ive never heard of them. Im with you though on Jillians shred. Im not a fan either :( Her kickboxing DVD I like though.

    Happy Monday,

  2. Ive done the 30 days shred.. and havent gotten through it either! Ill have to check out your dvd recommendations! Love that you have your own domain name now! So awesome :)

  3. I couldn’t stop giggling through this post cos here in the UK a fanny is the bit girls have and boys don’t….we call our bottoms our bottoms or bums lol

    Thanks for the giggle! xx

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