BlogLovin’ Blog Hop: Volume 1

Hello, lovely bloggers!
I’ve got a fun blog hop to introduce you to! I  I have teamed up with 5 other wonderful ladies with fabulous blogs to start a BlogLovin’ Blog Hop! And I’m really excited about it because I know a lot of you probably aren’t quite yet familiar with BlogLovin’
Not sure what in the world BlogLovin’ is?

Basically, it’s another site that allows you to keep up with your favorite blogs and find out when they’ve posted something new! You can create an account and gain followers, as well! It’s particularly great for those who use other blogging platforms such as WordPress and don’t have the Google Friend Connect widget offered by Blogger.

If you’re looking to grow your blog’s readership, BlogLovin’ is definitely a great tool!

So ladies, I invite you to join the fun with this brand-spankin’-new blog hop! If you haven’t signed up for an account with BlogLovin’ already, be sure to make your account by going here!
There are a few rules, as per usual, that we kindly ask you to follow:
Rule #1 – Follow all your hosts (the first 6 links)
Rule #2 – Link up by adding the link to your BlogLovin’ account ONLY! If you don’t have one yet, sign up here!
Rule #3 – Share the love and follow some other blogger’s accounts via BlogLovin’! After all, it is a party, right? Hop around, mix, mingle and have fun making new friends!


  1. just discovered your blog and I love it!
    I’m your newest follower – hope you can check mine out as well! xo

  2. i linked it to the wrong uRl, :( how can i delete my button. i am so sorry :(

  3. @pretty little things- thanks!! I’ll be sure to check out your blog!!

    @refinehere – just go ahead and add your BlogLovin’ link and I’ll take care of deleting the wrong entry :-)

  4. Just discovered your blog through Framed Frosting. I’m a new follower. :)

  5. New follower via the hop! Can’t wait to discover more from your blog :)
    Lish @ Imprintalish

  6. I love bloglovin! What a great idea for a blog hop.

    I have nominated you for some bloggy awards. Come and check them out at

  7. Just followed you over from alt, your blog is fabulous!

  8. I feel like I jumped into the party late, but HI! And thank you for doing a Blog Lovin’ blog hop! Sometimes I wonder how more people don’t know about how amazing Blog Lovin’ truly is!

  9. I’m definitely super late to the party, but just discovered your blog and love it! Thanks for sharing!

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