Enduring a baby milestone

Today I’m sharing with you a tearful mommy moment and a Lydia milestone that I had to endure yesterday!

Lydia’s first haircut!

Now, I know some of you may think that’s silly but—the girl is only 9 months old! I never would have imagined I would be having my baby’s first hair cut at 9 months old! I thought I’d have a little more time than that to prepare for such a big event! Her hair has just gotten so long and there’s so much of it that we decided it was time to get it out of her eyes!


So it happened. And I survived. And it was super special because her Nana was the stylist!


And here is how it went down:


We strapped her in her high chair.


Nana wet her hair.

before3 before4

Lydia stayed chilled out. Just slouched back in her chair!

first sniIP

And here is the documentation of the first snip of my baby’s hair!!!! *tear*



Then Lydia became interested in the comb Nana was using.


So daddy swooped in and distracted her!

distracted happy

And she was happy.

So here’s my sweetie pie. Just getting’ her hair cut. No big deal. No crying. No fidgeting. Just sitting like a good girl and smiling!

*proud mommy moment*



She did AMAZING! She sat still and never got upset! She is the perfect little girl!


All done!

And it’s with great pride that I share with you that my 9 month old baby has layers! LAYERS!! In her hair!  There’s that much of it!

after2 afterhappy3really happy after

This is what happens when everyone in the rooms claps for Lydia!

with mommy and daddy

Just a warning: I’m makeup-less in this photo. So you can’t say you weren’t warned!


Here are the first few pieces that will go in her baby book!


No more hair in the eyes!


And then it quickly became nap time! She was tired after this event!

Ahh, definitely an emotional mommy moment for me!

And she just keeps getting more beautiful every day!



  1. Awww… such a precious moment. Her haircut looks adorable!


  2. ahhh she is so adorable! you in fact did hit a milestone but a happy one!


  3. That’s a great cut! I actually just cut my baby’s hair for the first time too – and she’s only 7 months!

  4. So sweet :)

  5. awww, so sweet! how fun to get to put little clips in her hair! My almost 13 mth old girl is bald as bald can be, her hairs don’t even stick up off her head, haha.

  6. Oh my goodness she’s adorable! And that is a TON of hair for such a little girl! What a cutie :)

  7. You did better than I did! My little boy had his first official haircut at 11 months old, by a hairdresser who trimmed his hair a little shorter than I wanted :( I almost cried but knew it would grow out.
    Her hair looks adorable and not too short! Perfect : )

  8. Ahh Lianne – what a little angel! That first picture of your little one is just gorgeous, too!

    – Lindsay

  9. Ashley@AllRoadsLeadtoHomeLove says:

    She’s adorable! Now you can see those beautiful eyes better! Way to hang in there mommy!

  10. what a sweetie pie!! she’s precious! xoxo

  11. She is SOO cute! I love that hair cut! Babies are so much fun! Hope you have an awesome weekend! (:

  12. Your little girl is SO adorable!! And you look beautiful without makeup, seriously.
    New follower here from the hop, come and say hi sometime :)


  13. My son had his first haircut around the same age. It was much easier to do then! Now that he’s two he has a bit more of an opinion on whether he wants it cut or not.

    Lydia looks great. She’s lucky to have such a great stylist.

  14. Look at how adorable she is! I LOVE the new ‘do. :)

  15. She is tooo cute!!! Wow, you are one lucky momma. Our first haircuts have not been this easy. The last haircut, my little one grabbed the scissors out of his hairdressers hands. It was BAD. Have a great weekend. P.S. check out my Birthday Giveaway over at Dirt and Pearls! :)

  16. She looks adorable!! What sweet photos. We are on Jackson’s second hair cut already and I was emotional both times. Haha. Precious moments for mama!

  17. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Your daughter is so cute with her new haircut!! My baby had her first hair cut at 4 months old and it was traumatizing! She was not as well behaved though. Every time I got close with the scissors, she’d turn her head to look at them. Eventually, Grandma had to swoop in and finish because between the fidgety child and me crying so much, I just couldn’t finish it!

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