High Five for Friday!

1. I love feta cheese. On a homemade salad. That is all.

2. I’m loving my new FOTOstrap camera strap! There will be a giveaway for one on the blog on August 13! Be sure to come back! These camera straps are the kind that make you drool!

3. Smart water is where it’s at! Especially on days when Lydia and I go traveling with daddy for work and we’re in the car for 7 hours!

4. Lydia is a girl on the go. For reals. She hasn’t started walking, yet. But it won’t be long I’m sure! She pulls up on everything these days.

5. I’ve completed 1/4 of my 5k training. For more on that, go here.

…and that’s a little bit of my week! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Just found you through the linkup. Super cute blog and yay for running! You can do it. I am trying to ‘love’ to run but right now it is just running.

  2. That salad looks sooo tasty!! I love feta too.


  3. Good job sticking to the 5k training. I have the app but never finish it. Also I love smart water. My husband started drinking it and I just thought it was a little pretentious, water is water. but then I drank it and like it and love that it is a huge bottle.

  4. hi lianne! found you on mama marchands’ blog and now follow thru GFC. i am a HUGE FAN of feta cheese…i always order panera bread’s greek salad cuz of that!
    good job on running. the most i’ve ever ran is 8 miles bout that was about 1.5 yrs ago. i have gotten lazy.

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