Low Calorie Turkey Meatballs


I found this original recipe for Super Healthy, Ultra Clean Meatballs from Cassey on her awesome blog I’ve been reading for a few weeks—Blogilates. Check it out. She’s got great workouts on there!

I re-created the recipe a bit by using ground turkey instead of chicken.


Now, Cassey’s recipe has 86.7 calories per meatball. I’m pretty sure adding ground turkey instead of chicken wouldn’t change that too much. But if you would prefer, use the ground chicken like in Cassey’s recipe!

Here is my rendition of the extremely tasty recipe!

ingredients unmeasured



Roll the turkey mixture into meatballs and place in a sprayed muffin tin —or just a regular baking dish — your choice.


And yes, I need a new muffin tin.

While you kill time and wait for them to cook into pure deliciousness, you could go here and read about my 5k training, or go here and read Lydia’s birth story! Just a suggestion…


(That’s your oven timer going off…)


And if you want to add a little something to eat these with (besides your veggies, of course!), make some couscous like I did and throw that in your dinner bowl.

Photo via Instagram—follow me here

Let me know if you try these and like them as much as Mitch and I did!

And in other news, today I have to will run for 15 minutes. With sore shins. Yikes. I don’t feel like I can do it! But I will! And my new shoes come in! I’ll share those when I get them!

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  1. Now those look good! We love turkey ground, I will be trying this!

  2. Yum those look great!!! We have made the switch to ground turkey. I STILL have not gotten back to my couch to 5k…maybe tonight if husby gets home before dark. Will BE so glad when the weather here in KY cools down…running is so much easier when it’s nice outside..excuses, excuses :)

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