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finish Top Gear

1. There’s no question about it…my favorite thing to do at home is play with my Lydi-girl. Being a stay at home mom has it challenges but the perks heavily outweigh those! I could sit and play with Lydia till the cows come home. (Isn’t that a saying? I’ve heard someone say it before…) Anyways, we love to take pictures in her nursery with the natural light flowing in. Isn’t my girl adorable? Oh, be still my heart.

2. I love to get creative with things that I would normally throw away. Like turning an old can of oats into a jute vase for the guest bathroom. Go here to check that tutorial out!

3. While being at home, my most recent recipe was these yummy and super low calorie turkey meatballs! The recipe can be found here. Cooking dinner for the hubby when he gets home is something I try to do almost every day. He works hard and deserves it. Shout out to the hubs! I am so thankful for your hard work and for supporting your 2 girls! We love you!

4.Late at night, after the cuteness that is our daughter goes to sleep, my husband and I thoroughly enjoy sitting down and turning on Netflix where we watch old episodes of Top Gear. British humor at it’s best. You’d think only guys would like this show…but I find it extremely entertaining. And I am no guy, that’s for sure.

5. Working out. For reals. I love working out at home. Because that’s really the only chance I get to do it. And I have come to love working out these past few months. And these are the current at-home workouts I’ve been doing the most:

Inside Out Method – Pure Burn

Inside Out Method – Body Rev

These are intense but work GREAT!

6. Having my hair played with. I saved the best for last. Because this is my ALL. TIME. FAVORITE. thing ever (besides my husband and daughter!). I like to think I could do anything in the world as long as my hair is being played with. It is better than a massage, in my opinion. It relaxes me to my core. If I had a penny for every time my husband has played with my hair while sitting on the couch, I’d be a gazillionaire.

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  1. So cute, I am also a Top Gear fan, very funny and a whole lot of silly. I am going to check out those fitness DVD’s. I have never been this unfit and spend all the time I should be at the gym blogging! Need to fit it in somehow.

  2. Awww like your favorite things! Nice to meet ya:)

  3. These are so great! I need to try your meatball recipe, and I definitely need to be watching more Netflix!

  4. You have super pretty hair! I am LOVING OUR LINK UP!!!

  5. Great idea for a link up! Nice to meet you :)!

  6. Hi Lianne! Following from the Framed Lady 300 Follower giveaway! Your blog is wonderful! Won’t you join me? http://www.boys-oh-boys.com

  7. Your baby truly is a cutie :) And thank you for the workout recommendations!

  8. Lianne I looove #6! So funny, I never would have thought about that, but I couldn’t agree more! If only I could get my husband to enjoy this activity as much as I like having it done :)

  9. Your daughter is so adorable! I see you love netflix too. Im addicted. Number 6 is so funny. Nothing like having your hair played with. I love a good scalp massage. lol

  10. Following you back from ModaMamaBlog.com! Thanks so much!!

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