Oh fall, where art thou?


In this Charleston heat, I am finding myself dripping in sweat and craving fall.


I’m craving crunchy leaves under my boots atop skinny jeans. I’m craving hot homemade apple cider. I’m craving pumpkins and mums.


I’m craving crisp, cold air with a scarf around my neck. I’m also craving seeing Lydia where the same thing!

Autumn brings with it a deep and heart-warming bundle of memories which touch my very soul for many reasons. One, it hosts the month of our 3rd wedding anniversary, October, and the month of Lydia’s 1st birthday, also October. Mitch also proposed to me during the fall of 2008, which was strategically planned on his part because he knew of my love for fall.

So here I sit, arms wide open, fully ready to embrace fall—hot apple cider in hand and all. Who’s with me??



  1. Meeeeeeeeeeeee. I am SO ready for fall!

  2. Me toooooooo! This past weekend was a tiny glimpse and now it’s hot again. Blah.

  3. I’m with you!!! I love fall so much.(My daughter’s name is Autumn after all!) Fall and even winter are my favorite. I tell my husband that I hibernate in the summer…which is actually kind of the truth. lol The sad thing is that it’s been so hot with no rain that my backyard is covered in leaves. That how hot it is! crunchy leaves in the blazing sun? *sigh*

  4. Ashley Gandy says:

    Well, I would love to be positive, but Charleston really doesn’t have a fall :( I can remember growing up doing Christmas in shorts…Ive been asking Chris if the next place we move can have seasons, please!

  5. Oh my these are gorgeous… I am not ready for fall… yet. These make me excited.

  6. I’m with you!!! We’re having triple digit heat this week, and dangit, this is the Northwest!! TIME FOR FALL, silly weather! Your post makes me long for all the things you listed. Fall is my favorite season, for sure.

  7. I personally enjoy the summer months best. What I love about Fall and always anticipate is the clothes. I love the Fall and Winter fashins best! I don’t know if it’s because they’re more modest or it’s the colors. I’ve got my mug all ready to go too. Love the food the harvests bring.

  8. Yes mam!! I am ready for Fall as well! I can’t wait to get my boots and jeans out AND I already made my first big pot of chili pretending that Fall is already here!

  9. I am completely with you!! I am ready for some weather that I can take my daughter outside to play in!! We live in UT and it has been 98 for a very long time out here…BRING ON FALL!!

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